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EVE Master Datasheet
Patch Notes
Patch Notes
Previous Versions
VB Security

Here you will find old patch notes for EMD version 14.xx

March 20, 2006. EMD version 14.00. 

  • I created a new XML importer that you can access from the Skills page.  All you have to do is save the xml file anywhere on your computer and click the button. The new function requires comdlg32.dll and msxml3.dll which everyone should have.  The only testing I’ve been able to do is with my character’s sheets so please let know of any troubles. (Still troublesum, use wisely)
  • Added a Portal sheet to help navigate all the worksheets by hiding and showing them.
  • Finished updating the Ships worksheet with everything except structures.
  • Added a Developer sheet for those of you that like to add additional features or wonder how some of my custom made formulas work. I need to finish adding my comments.
  • Imported Mining Yield and Blueprint Production from Jatal Poli.
  • Renamed Production to Mining Production.
  • Colored and Organized tabs.


March 23, 2006. EMD version 14.01.

  • More code tweaking for stability. (Plus some goof fixes)
  • Fixed a bug with drone Fighters and Gallente Drone Interface in the Can Use formulas.
  • Added version checking for EVE-XML query (CTRL-G)
  • Changed the Attribute name definations on the Skills worksheet for International versions and OpenOffice.
  • OpenOffice: Reverted to some the older formulas with performance increases.

March 29, 2006. EMDv1402

  • Added Time To Skill column in the Skills Description sheet.
  • Added Time To Ship column on the Ships sheet.
  • Various teeny fixes.

April 1, 2006. EMDv1403

  • Changed ship requirements for Caldari Badger Mk II.
  • Changed skill requirements for Recon Ships: Covert Ops from level 5 to 4, Spaceship Command from 5 to 3.
  • Changed 'Can Use' requirements for skill that are only available at character creation.
  • Renamed Light Missile Specialization to Standard Missile Specialization.
  • Fixed the VLookUp on the Bonus sheet. Bonus sheet is still a work in progress.

April 6, 2006

  • I think I fixed the CTRL-G on the EVE-XML Data sheet, even added a button!

April 14, 2006 EMDv1404 Excel or OpenOffice

  • Tweaked EVE-XML Data
  • Fixed "Can Use" for Rockets
  • Updated required skills for Drone Durability
  • Updated attributes and required skills listed under Spaceship Command

April 28, 2006 EMDv1405 Excel or OpenOffice

  • Added Edit Query instructions, also called I10 Edit.
  • Fixed VBA Compile Error issues for Excel 2003
  • Fixed numerous misspellings
  • Updated Mining Production sheet where it wasn't including Zydrine (redid the formulas).

May 18, 2006 EMDv1406 Excel or OpenOffice

  • Did a fill down of formulas to fix mistakes in sorting skills.
  • Removed the secondary required skills for learning.
  • fixed cargo size for Providence ship
  • Updated ice types for Ice Yields and Mining Production sheets.
  • More work on Bonus sheet, it is almost finished!

June 21, 2006 EMDv1407 Excel or OpenOffice

  • Finished Updating Bonus sheet formulas
  • Added "% Complete" column to Skill sheet.
  • Added Conditional formatting for skill names (orange for not complete, red for in training)
  • Added conditional formatting for skill rank (blue for known skills, green for skills ready to learn).
  • Added Mining Calc and Ice Calc worksheets.  I'm not that happy with them, but they are there.  There are a few known issues with calculations.
  • Added five new skills: Bloodraider Encrpytion Methods, Serpentis Encryption Methods, Takmahl Technology, Yan Jung Technology, Cloning Facility Operation.
  • Updated code for Control G I-10 method.
  • Updated XML_Import code
  • Added character information and character sheet reset button on to the Skills sheet.
  • Added "How to" notes for adding new skills on the Dev sheet.
  • Added Faction Frigates to the Ships sheet.  These do not show on the Bonus sheet.
  • Added skill group Time to Goal and Time to Max on the Skillset Summary sheet.

November 1, 2006 Excel or OpenOffice ver14.08

  • Fix Character Creation sheet not including "Small Hybrid Turrent" correctly
  • Changed Shield Compensations requires from Tactical to Shield Operation
  • Removed Navigation as a requirement for Drone Navigation
  • Changed XML Import cBalance varaible from type Double to Currency.
  • Add Mining Upgrades and Ganged and Foreman options to Mining Yield. (Thanks Mik Nostrebor!)
  • Fixed formula for Heavy Drone damage on Bonus sheet.
  • Fixed formula for Armor HP total on Bonus sheet.

November 30, 2006 Excel ver14.09

  • Added prompt in XML Impporter, questions if you want to update Implants. Implants were not longer included so they were being reset to zero.
  • Added new skills, renamed others.
  • Changed Tier 2 Learning skills prerequisites levels from 5 to 4.
  • Changed prerequisites for ore processing.
  • Added Tier 2 Battlecruiser (4) and Tier 3 Battleships (4) names and skills to the Ships sheets. (Need to fill in ship stats and update Bonus sheet)
  • Updated skill descriptions.

January 19, 2007 Excel and v14.10a

  • Fixed errors on the bonus sheet and VBA code for the bonus sheet.
  • Updated Ships sheet with the new Structure, Armor and Shield hit points.
  • OOo: Added new Revilations skills.

June 5, 2007 Excel and OOo v14.11

  • Fixed cell lookup reference on Skills sheet (swapped V237, V238)
  • Changed Refining Requirements from 5 to 4 for Plagioclase Processing, Pyroxeres Processing, Scordite Processing, and Veldspar Processing.
  • Added missing Dominix and Megathron to Large Damage Hybrid guns bonus VB code.
  • Fixed Gunnery Bonus formulas on Bonus sheet.

June 22, 2007 Excel  and OOo ver14.12

  • Added Revelations II skills!
  • Added the API way of retrieving your Character Sheet and Skill in Training.
  • Fixed a few formulas on the Ship Bonus sheet.

    June 28, 2007 Excel  ver14.13

    • Updated Ships stats for Faction/Elite Ships.
    • Updated EVE API code.
    • Fixed Capital Hull Repair 'Can Use'
    • Updated XML_Import code for more error checking.
    • Updated all Skill Descriptions

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