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EVE Master Datasheet
Previous Versions
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Previous Versions
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April 1, 2006. EMDv1403  Excel or OpenOffice

  • Changed ship requirements for Caldari Badger Mk II.
  • Changed skill requirements for Recon Ships: Covert Ops from level 5 to 4, Spaceship Command from 5 to 3.
  • Changed 'Can Use' requirements for skill that are only available at character creation.
  • Renamed Light Missile Specialization to Standard Missile Specialization.
  • Fixed the VLookUp on the Bonus sheet. Bonus sheet is still a work in progress.

March 29, 2006. EMDv1402 Excel or OpenOffice

  • Added Time To Skill column in the Skills Description sheet.
  • Added Time To Ship column on the Ships sheet.
  • Various teeny fixes.

March 23, 2006. EMD version 14.01. Excel or OpenOffice

  • More code tweaking for stability. (Plus some goof fixes)
  • Fixed a bug with drone Fighters and Gallente Drone Interface in the Can Use formulas.
  • Added version checking for EVE-XML query (CTRL-G)
  • Changed the Attribute name definations on the Skills worksheet for International versions and OpenOffice.
  • OpenOffice: Reverted to some the older formulas with performance increases.

March 20, 2006. EMD version 14.00.  Excel or OpenOffice

  • I created a new XML importer that you can access from the Skills page.  All you have to do is save the xml file anywhere on your computer and click the button. The new function requires comdlg32.dll and msxml3.dll which everyone should have.  The only testing I’ve been able to do is with my character’s sheets so please let know of any troubles. (Still troublesum, use wisely)
  • Added a Portal sheet to help navigate all the worksheets by hiding and showing them.
  • Finished updating the Ships worksheet with everything except structures.
  • Added a Developer sheet for those of you that like to add additional features or wonder how some of my custom made formulas work. I need to finish adding my comments.
  • Imported Mining Yield and Blueprint Production from Jatal Poli.
  • Renamed Production to Mining Production.
  • Colored and Organized tabs.

March 14, 2006.  EMDv13.26 has two new sheets I've been working on: a ship/skill bonus calculator and a character creation tool to play with.  Both could use some polishing. For example on the bonus sheet I need to add room to put your module modifiers and implant modifiers.  Just a bit of warning, it does not calculate the ship skill bonus like 7.5% turret tracking speed per Destroyer skill level (that will take A LOT of work and I have a few higher priorities). Never the less, its fabulous to play with!

March 13, 2006. EMD version 13.25. Nearly all the ship data is filled in and lots of formulas have been changed and updated to make it very much faster!

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