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EVE Master Datasheet
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Ok, perhaps this will help spread the love and joy that is EMD!

Quick Download (EMDv14.18 for Excel, EMDv14.15 for OOo):
Excel New Look (First Look - need comments and suggestions)

Agents: Here is an agent list provided by Gustav QC with after 9800 agents that you filter and search through.

April 27, 2011 Excel ver14.18

That long awaited release!

After struggling with this hosting site, here is the update. I've added two new skill groups and fixed the code for add-a-skill.

December 11, 2007 Excel and NewLook ver14.17

Trinity Release

  • Added 8 new skills!
  • Added 20 new ships!

I'll have update some time this week.


Oh, I also added a new feature - you can now add skills on your own on patch day so you don't have to wait for me (one reason why this is so late).  From Excel click on Tools -> Macro -> Macros... and run "Add-a-Skill".  When the dialog pops up you can manually enter a skill or click on "From EVE-Online" and it go out to the web and pick up the new skills! (I'm sure there will be bugs and formatting errors, so it will need some touch up.)

October 31, 2007 Excel and NewLook ver 14.16

  • Updated XML Import to support both old XML files and new API XML.
  • Updating Mining Calc sheet. Cell D143 referencing wrong cell.

    August 31, 2007 Excel and OOo and NewLook ver 14.15

    • Revelations 2.2
    • Updated ship stats for Raven (Cap Capacity, Cap Recharge, Shield Recharge)
    • Added Capital Industrial Ship Rorqual
      Added Skills Industrial Reconfiguration and Capital Industrial Ships
    • Sorted Mining Director and Mining Forman
    • Added Implants to API and removed msgbox in XML Import.
    • Added an API forum to retrieve your characterID.

    July 27, 2007 Excel and OOo ver 14.14

    • Added skill Starbase Defense Management
    • Fixed Turret damage bonus formula on Bonus sheet.
    • Added base 20km to Drone control range on Bonus sheet.
    • Added Dominix to Drone damage/hp on Bonus sheet.
    • Fixed Rank for Interdictors skill.
    • Fixed a API code for Loading Character sheets from a saved XML file.
    • Added Salvaging Production sheet by Gustav Qc (OOo to be added later)

    I'm also thinking of going to a new look.. you can preview it here.  Please e-mail me comments and suggestions! The reason for going this way is to make it easier to update and auto-update. With the new API code you'll be able to check for new skills and skill updates directly from CCP on patch day, no more waiting for me to update the skills list!

    June 28, 2007 Excel  ver14.13

    • Updated Ships stats for Faction/Elite Ships.
    • Updated EVE API code.
    • Fixed Capital Hull Repair 'Can Use'
    • Updated XML_Import code for more error checking.
    • Updated all Skill Descriptions

    June 22, 2007 Excel  and OOo ver14.12

    • Added Revelations II skills!
    • Added the API way of retrieving your Character Sheet and Skill in Training.
    • Fixed a few formulas on the Ship Bonus sheet.


      Questions or comments? Get in touch with me at: